Parish BBQ - June 2022

Parish BBQ Appreciation

Posted : Jul-15-2022

A huge THANK YOU to you everyone for your help at our church barbeque on Sunday, June 26th!  We can all agree it was a HUGE success, and I'm sure Father Damian's prayer to Saints Francis and Barbara was why we had a hot summer day with NO RAIN. Of course, the sun came out, too!   The food was delicious,  the music was the best,  the kids had lots to do, with the bouncy castle, games & activities,  and we had an ice cream truck.  And we raised $410 for ShareLife with our 50/50 draw! WOO HOO!

This event could not have happened without everyone's help, from set-up to clean-up. Although everyone assisted, there are a few that I want to give a special mention:

> The Knights of Columbus for barbecuing the burgers & hotdogs. We appreciate that you kept the food coming on a very hot day! 
> Colin, for stepping up to help with the cooking and anything else needed.
> Jackie, for making the activity packs, the fishing game & keeping the kids busy!
> Arlene, for also helping with the kids, the candy guessing game, making the volunteer badges and signage and lots of other things!
> Merly, for staffing the 50/50 draw and arranging for the ice cream truck.
> Carmen, for renting the folding chairs and helping with the set-up
> Susan & Andrew, for the sound system and the fantastic music (great playlist!)
> Olivia, for staying with the bouncy castle and ensuring the kids were safe and having fun!
> Doug & Monica, for keeping the area clean & monitoring the recycling and garbage disposals. 
> To all the others who helped, as there were so many of you, we appreciate your help.

Finally, thank you, Father Damian, for this lovely idea and for having us all over for a fantastic day of fun, food & fellowship! Knowing you, this is the first of many such events!  


God Bless you all.

Parish Social Committee